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Thomas Edward Blumer (“Plaintiff”) has sued the State of Kansas (the “Defendant” or “Kansas”) alleging that it violated Section V of Article 11 of the Kansas Constitution and the commerce clause and the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution by causing fees collected by the Kansas Securities Commissioner to be swept into the State’s general fund and used for purposes unrelated to the regulation of the Kansas Securities Industry.

Defendant denies the allegations and contends that it acted lawfully and in compliance with the Kansas Constitution and United States Constitution at all times. The Court has not yet ruled in favor of either side. Nevertheless, the parties have reached a settlement that affects your legal rights.

A settlement has been proposed on behalf of all persons and entities that paid fees imposed pursuant to the Kansas Uniform Securities Act, K.S.A. 17-12a601, during the time period October 1, 2016 to June 29, 2021 (the “Class”).

You have received this notice because records indicate that you may be a member of the Class.

Your legal rights will be affected by the settlement of this lawsuit. Please read this notice carefully. It explains the lawsuit, the settlement, and your legal rights, including objecting to the settlement.

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